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Holme for Gardens Plant Guarantee

Terms and Conditions

Holme Nurseries Ltd. Offer a 1000 day Guarantee on their plants according to the following conditions.

If the following terms and conditions have been met, then Holme Nurseries Ltd will in the first instance try to replace the plant and if the plant is not available at the time will give a full refund to the value paid. To claim a replacement or refund under the guarantee the customer must produce the receipt as proof of purchase. If you held a Holme for Gardens Privilege card at the time of purchase Holme Nurseries Ltd will have details of your receipt. Simply bring your receipt and where possible the plant and a member of staff will be happy to help.

1. The customer is responsible for

•  Choosing a site that suits the requirements of the plant as set out in the cultivation notes of the Royal Horticultural Society's Encyclopaedia of Garden Plants

•  planting the plant using the correct compost, plant food and planting the plant to the correct depth. Most Holme staff are avid gardeners and well trained. Therefore advice for the customer is always available should clarification be needed.

•  for applying the correct amount of water to establish the plant. Prior to planting the plant should be soaked in a bucket of water for 20 minutes. An initial thorough soaking of the soil after planting will ensure that damp soil particles lie right up against the root ball of the new plant. Subsequent watering will vary according to the time of year and the weather conditions. In the first spring and summer after planting the plant should be checked regularly for signs of stress from lack of water (e.g. wilting, curling of the leaves) and if necessary water should be applied. It is better to give one good soaking fortnightly allowing the soil to become thoroughly wet, which will encourage deeper rooting than to water little and often as this encourages shallow rooting

•  maintaining a 60cm diameter circle around the plant free from competing plants during the establishment period.

•  Undertaking any extra care as set out in the Royal Horticultural Society's Encyclopaedia of Garden Plants.

Failure on behalf of the customer to carry out the above will invalidate the guarantee.

2. Holme Nurseries Ltd will honour the guarantee unless the winter minimum temperature falls below that which the plant is deemed hardy using the Royal Horticultural Society's Encyclopaedia of Garden Plants as reference.

3. The plant guarantee does not apply to annuals or short lived perennials.

4. Before claiming under the terms of the guarantee please speak to a member of staff in person or by phoning 01929 554716 during office hours. The customer should contact a member of the Holme team when the plant first exhibits signs of not performing as expected. Early diagnosis often leads to a full recovery.

All our hardy plants carry a 1000 day guarantee - proof of purchase required


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